What is Concord Matters?

Concord Matters is my effort to promote civic engagement and participation in Concord.

As you can read on the ABOUT page:

ConcordMatters.com is for anyone interested in becoming better informed about City issues in Concord, California. My goal is to provide factual information, encourage informed discussion and promote effective participation in City decisions. I hope this site becomes a point and click solution that makes good citizenship easy for Concord’s residents and business owners.

There are a number of other sites that cover news and events in and around Concord including:  Updated as of October 4, 2014

Claycord.com specializes in breaking news and has an almost anything-goes policy when it comes to anonymous reader comments on its stories that provides its own form of entertainment.

HalfwaytoConcord.com has been publishing information and opinions for over 10 years now and has developed a broader, county-wide approach to news, events and support for non-profit organizations.

Concord Pioneer is a monthly newspaper that covers Concord stories exclusively and has columns by the current Mayor of Concord, Planning Commissioners and school administrators and students.

The Concordian is a monthly tabloid/magazine that covers a broad array of community stories and has regular columns by community groups, businesses and ABC 7 anchor Dan Ashley.

Concord Patch is part of AOL’s effort to establish a network of micro-news sites covering local communities.

Each of those sites are worth following and reading if you are interested in Concord.  They fill the void created by the decline of local newspaper coverage and address the shift of reader preferences to get information on the web or your smartphone.

Concord Matters is different in the following ways:

  • It will never cover breaking news.  I will strive to provide useful insight on what’s likely to be the next important issue or decision at City Hall.
  • It will not try to cover issues beyond Concord.  I will, however, try to explain how regional, state or federal issues may impact Concord.
  • It will not include recipes, gardening tips or advice from brokers on how to sell your house.  I will try to provide some history and context to current city issues – explaining why the issue matters AND give you links to find out more about the topic or express your views.

If you’re interested in following city issues and participating in thoughtful discussions about the future of Concord – I invite you to follow Concord Matters in your RSS reader or by subscribing to email updates in the box at the top of the sidebar on this page.  It will be an evolving effort and I appreciate any story suggestions or comments you care to offer.

I’m a former Mayor, City Council member and Planning Commissioner who has lived in the City of Concord since 1989. I have a BA in Government from CSU Sacramento. My entire career has been spent explaining business realities to public officials and political realities to business leaders.