Mayor Helix proposes changes to Council committees

Mayor Dan Helix is asking the City Council on Tuesday night to consider merging two Council standing committees (Neighborhood & Community Services and Recreation & Cultural Affairs) into the Recreation, Cultural Affairs, & Community Services Committee and create a new one called the Youth & Education Committee.

Each standing committee is made up of two Council members. The City Council has traditionally had five standing committees which allow each member to Chair one of them while serving on another.

The purpose of the standing committees is to serve as a filter or preliminary sounding board for issues or items before they are brought to the full Council for consideration. In some circumstances a Council member or member of the public (especially during the Public Comment period) may raise an issue in a Council meeting that will be referred to one of the standing committees for further review and analysis. Several of the standing committees also interview and recommend applicants for service on City commissions and boards.

If agreed to by the Council – the reorganized standing committees will be:

  1. Policy Development and Internal Operations (Mayor & Vice-Mayor)
  2. Infrastructure and Franchise
  3. Housing and Economic Development
  4. Recreation, Cultural Affairs & Community Services
  5. Youth and Education

Mayor Helix will be appointing Council members to serve on those committees and numerous external committees representing Concord on regional panels.

Read the staff report for Agenda Item 8.a


I’m a former Mayor, City Council member and Planning Commissioner who has lived in the City of Concord since 1989. I have a BA in Government from CSU Sacramento. My entire career has been spent explaining business realities to public officials and political realities to business leaders.