How to Sign Up for Concord’s eNews

One way to stay informed about city issues and events is to subscribe to Concord’s eNews service. Head over to the city’s web site at On the homepage, under “Most Requested” you will see a grid of nine icons – click on the one labeled “Subscribe to e-News.”


That will take you to the sign-up form for the eDelivery Subscription where you can enter your email address and choose which news items you want to get in your inbox.  The choices include City eNews, Council Agenda Notification, Business eNews, Parks and Recreation eNews and Senior Center eNews.


You can also sign up for public safety alerts using the Nixle service, but you should do that after you finish signing up for eNews. Once you choose what news you want and click on submit – you will get a page confirming your subscription(s).


Website Changes Coming…

Leslye Asera, Concord’s Community Relations Manager, says the city’s web site will be redesigned in the next few months.  So if you have any suggestions for improvements to the city’s web site – nows the time to send them in using the City’s Email Contact Form. Do you care enough about Concord to subscribe to the city’s eNews service?  Or do you get enough information from other sources? Let us know.  

I’m a former Mayor, City Council member and Planning Commissioner who has lived in the City of Concord since 1989. I have a BA in Government from CSU Sacramento. My entire career has been spent explaining business realities to public officials and political realities to business leaders.