Council to Narrow List of Prospective Master Developers

The City Council, sitting as the Local Reuse Authority (LRA), will take the next step in choosing a Master Developer for the Base at their meeting on Tuesday, June 10.

In January the LRA issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and received eight submittals by the March 18 deadline from the following firms:

  • Catellus Development Corporation
  • FivePoint Communities/Lennar
  • J.F. Shea Company
  • Seecon Financial and Construction Company, Inc.
  • Starwood Ventures
  • SunCal Corporation
  • Toll Brothers Inc.
  • Trumark Homes

Now after review by a selection panel, city staff is recommending that four of those firms be given the opportunity to submit a Request For Proposal (RFP) explaining how they would implement the Reuse Project Area Plan. The four are:

  • Catellus
  • FivePoint/Lennar
  • J.F. Shea
  • SunCal

The RFPs are expected back from the firms in late October. Public presentations from each of the four proposers is expected in December with the City Council choosing two firms in January 2015 to enter negotiations.

The firms not selected to compete for Master Developer or who are ultimately not chosen will still have ample opportunity to purchase and develop property in the future as the Base builds out over the next 20-30 years.

None of the City Council members served on the selection panel making the recommendation. Further, the staff report reveals that all firms in the process were warned that “any attempt…to discuss the selection matter with members of the LRA Board (City Council) outside of a public meeting constitutes grounds for disqualification.

Learn More:

Review the City Council Agenda for June 10, 2014

Read the staff report on the Master Developer selection process

Things you can do:

Write an email to the City Council

Attend the Council meeting or watch on the web

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