Can Fundraising Save the Music & Market Series?

The Music & Market series in Todos Santos Plaza and other downtown improvement efforts will have to seek generous donors as plans for a Property Based Improvement District (PBID) are put on hold by the City.

After extensive outreach and review, city staff has concluded there is not enough support from downtown business or property owners, at this time, to move forward with the creation of a PBID to fund programs and events in Todos Santos Plaza.

In a report to be discussed on Thursday, January 31 by the Council’s Housing & Economic Development Committee, staff explains the goal of forming the PBID was to replace funding that has now shifted to the State when it eliminated local redevelopment agencies.

During this time of PBID exploration, City staff worked concurrently on developing strategies to keep the downtown events program operating and active. Staff was able to implement a successful fundraising effort, raising enough support from a combination of public/private partnerships, a community benefit grant from Concord Disposal, and a “passing the jug” program to successfully complete the 2012 season. That fundraising model will continue in 2013 and into the foreseeable future. – City Staff Report, page 3.

While the reluctance of downtown businesses and property owners to help fund a program that draws thousands of visitors to their doorstep is regrettable – there is a citywide interest in having successful events in Todos Santos Plaza. The increased business activity generates taxes to support city services. If the fundraising model can be sustained – then everyone wins.

How important to you is the Music and Market Series in Todos Santos Plaza? Or the other Downtown events and free concerts? Do you have fundraising suggestions for the City?

Housing & Economic Development Committee
5:30 pm, Jan. 31 in Garden Conference Room – City Hall
Tim Grayson, Chair
Ron Leone

Review the Agenda and Staff Report

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